Estate Liquidators

Needing to Liquidate?

Our goal to liquidate your personal property is threefold:

To maximize the value of the merchandise.

To provide services that are timely, efficient, and dependable.

To complete the liquidation process with dignity and respect.

We understand that our services are utilized following a loss or a major life transition. We are patient and understanding that this is an emotional and often challenging time. If you choose to entrust your sale to Changing Seasons Estate Liquidation, you can be confident that you are hiring respectful individuals who are calming yet direct and honest. Throughout the process, we will treat your home and possessions as if they are our own.
We have vast knowledge of many different items that would be found in a home from art to books to jewelry to guns and everything in between. We have many years of collective experience appraising and pricing many items as well as the latest research tools to determine the most appropriate price for each item. If you hire us, we will come into your home and empty every attic space, cabinet, shed and closet. We clean each item and stage the entire property, turning your home into a store. It will be staged to make the best use of the space for display as well as for foot traffic and safety. We have found that some items sell for a greater price if sold outside of the estate sale. To accommodate this and bring you the most profit, we may allow presales.
Every item is photographed and immediately advertised on several websites to increase visibility and build excitement for the sale. You can be assured that your sale will be highly advertised on multiple websites and newspapers as well as through word of mouth. On the day of the sale, we will place signage throughout the neighborhood (if permitted), encouraging people to visit the sale.
During the sale, we have adequate staffing to ensure that the home is monitored and to answer the shopper’s questions. We make sure that shoppers only shop in the designated areas and that your home is being taken care of. To that end we will periodically vacuum and clean. Following the sale, we will follow your direction about unsold items. We are happy to take many items to a local donation center and provide you with a donation receipt. We are happy to provide trash removal services for an additional fee. We will leave your home swept and vacuumed. As us about our deep cleaning services, as well as our handyman/painting services.
Following the sale, within five days, we will provide your proceeds along with a financial breakdown, so you know what each “department” has profited, as well as our commission fee. Remember, unless you purchase supplemental services from us, you ONLY pay one commission. We pay for all supplies, advertising and staffing needed to ensure the success of your sale.
Let us help you through this time of great change. Please call us at +(214)-869-8614 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation today!

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